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Fuel issues


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I have a 2018 defender lone star.. started running sluggish the other day and gradually got worse . Did some research and believed it to be the fuel pump strainer . Replaced strainer and now engine won’t crank .. tries to turn over but won’t crank . Pulled fuel lines from injectors and getting fuel to that point . Pulled injector and it looks normal , no build up from what I can see . Pulled spark plug and it seem d pretty dry for as many times I tried to start it . Tried starting with plug out and only got air coming out of cylinder , no gas ?

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Hi Kris, The fuel pump should put out about 51 psi +/-, check the fuel pressure if you can put a guage on the line. I suspect your fuel pump isn't up to spec.? 

If your engine won't crank I would suspect a battery/starter issue. If your battery is below 10.5 volts it may affect the rest of the starting system including the fuel pump so try it again once the battery is charged at 12.6 volts or higher.😉

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