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My wife sowed one from vinyl but it was difficult to keep it tight so that it didn't come loose and start flapping. We used a 2" overlap that has a draw string in it inside the cab, the area that was a problem was between the hinges on the top, will have to find the cover and do a few mods?🤨


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This is what I use and it seems to work great. It has a vinyl cover and a quilted insulated material behind it. Several straps behind with clips and bungees hold it tight. I have hauled it about 500 miles and it stays put very well !!



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HAHAHA...it took this Canadian until Rocky's post about hauling his Defender to understand this had nothing to do with guns. Was scratching my head!  A Hunt's post confused me even more without knowing what these were.  Good internal chuckle for me today 😁

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