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Rear Bumper


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On 8/23/2021 at 2:02 PM, Steelslinger said:

If you haven't already, get the metal bed hinges. Otherwise, you'll rip the bed right off when using the winch (or someone slams into you) and the plastic ones fail.

I never thought about that! I don’t plan on using the winch for anything to heavy. Are you running a rear winch bumper? Curious about capacity. Mainly wanted to use it for a tie down on the trailer instead of having to pull straps for a quick trip. 

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No, I don't run a rear bumper winch, don't have a need really. Putting one on a bar across the front of the bed as a game winch for deer. I use Vulcan Tire Nets for tie down, fastest and easiest way to strap down.

I wouldn't rely on those plastic hinge brackets for anything at all, pulling/pushing wise.

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I wouldn’t recommend using as a tie down for trailering your rig especially with the factory plastic hinges. Have a look at them and I think you’ll agree. Tire nets is the way to go all day long plus not putting load against suspension. Regular straps well maybe not the fastest or cleanest definitely a better option in my opinion. 

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Man you are right! I’ve already pulled the winch off. Lucky I had the bumper, the snorkel was in the way and it was dark and I popped a tree, not super hard but it broke a bed mount. So nothing will be attached to that bumper. 

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Ya I chose to mount my rear winch inside trailer hitch. Seems pretty strong the little i e used it. I think it looks wicked in the bumper but for pulling Polaris and Honda’s around I’ll stick with mounting to something that can’t break off. Plus this way I can also take it off to use on anything with a hitch and 12v Lol 

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