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Hopeful new owner question


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First of all, thanks for any help.  I am searching for a good used Defender and would appreciate input from real life experiences.  Will the HD8 handle a snowplow anywhere as well as the HD10? As I am looking for a used machine, my choices are limited to what might be available.  I dont want to get into a machine that I later find to be undersized for m needs, but at the same time if a HD8 presents itself, I dont want to pass on it thinking it's undersized.   I think owner experience is the best resource rather than somebody trying to sell me something.  Thanks again for any input!!

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First off, WELCOME!!

Secondly, I've not plowed with mine. But, my thoughts are, MORE HORSEPOWER/ MORE SNOW (wetter snow) Not saying an HD8 wouldn't do, but it will take more abuse doing so... You will just have to lesser swipes, shallower depths... Also, if you are going to plow on the side for a couple $$ what is longer jobs worth? A job that may take that HD10 less time... all things to think about... remember too that the older ones have less voltage output as well. 



I guess I  should rescind that earlier statement. I guess I have plowed a bit of snow... 😉



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The HD 8 will push snow just fine just don't buy the biggest plow you can find. I have mounted snow plows on Can Am quads as small as the much older 400 and they pushed snow well but the blade was smaller, the 650 and up push and blow snow fine as well. The only place a quad has a bit of a problem pushing snow is if the snow is packed and drifted and is more than a foot deep. Make sure you test drive the machine in low and high range to see if it has any drive train problems, this will give you an idea if you like the performance?😉

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