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Center Mirror or side mirrors?


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Just wondering what everyone is using? I have a small concern about running side mirrors as they might get constantly banged up in the woods, but not that big of a deal. Can you see out of the centre mounted mirrors, especially with soft rear window and back rack!? Your input is appreciated.


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I use the can am side mirrors, although they are small and pricey they do have a built in swivel so you can fold them back against the cab if you need to. I chose these because I also have the can am head ache rack, pictures are in the build section. Others on here have chosen aftermarket outside and inside mirrors and hopefully will provide you with some input. My guess is your center mirror will provide limited clarity with your setup?😉

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I bought the can am center mirror first. It’s fine but I don’t have a headache rack so I see out the back pretty good. Mostly I can keep an eye on the kids in the back seat easily.

I then went with the plastic seizmek side mirrors.  I really like those the best. They have a little fish eye to them but they pretty much feel like truck mirrors. They hold in place while driving but fold back really easy when they hit something. Mounts are formed for the cage so they fit great. I’ve heard good things about their warranty, even on the less expensive plastic housing mirrors. I haven’t had any issues with mine so far though. 

Overall I think having the center and side mirrors is best. 

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