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Too much of a good thing?


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Traction. Serious traction is what I get with my new 6x6 DPS.

I would very much like to be able to disconnect the axle to the most rear wheels for most tasks, fetching mail and trash cans, driving across my driveway, etc. The rear binds quite a bit, leaving skid marks, big tracks in the lawn and gravel driveway.

Does anyone have this issue?

Any thoughts on a mechanical or electrically actuated disconnect?

I’m considering removing the rear axle and only reinstalling it when I’m on a trail ride or expect to need the extreme traction such as forestry or other such work.

This 6x6 is totally insane and I love it, but the traction is too much of a good thing.

Thanks for your thoughts.


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Hi Andy-

There is no lock on the rear axles as far as I can tell. It appears both sets of diffs are open and not selectable to be locked.

Interesting idea - just removing a set of tires. I might try the middle and the rear set separately and see how the unit responds.

The axle **should be** easy to remove and re-install when I need it too. It looks like it is splined so aligning it should be a breeze.

It is barely a week old, so I've not done anything to it other than install accessories... 🙂

Thanks for your ideas!


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Love these First World problems!  That 6x6 is a beast.  My regular Defender is so dang capable already - I can’t imagine what the 6x6 must be like.  

I wouldn’t mind an “extended cab”.  Not a Max, but a bit of room behind the seats to lean back a bit.

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