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Problems with HVAC readout on 2020 Limited


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     Well we took our 2020 defender max limited out sledding with my girlfriend and 4 kids the other day.  It was 36 F outside and we had the HVAC set on heat at 65 with the fan on low.  The air was blowing hot but after about an hour the HVAC display lost all illumination.  The control nob still worked but you could not see the readout.  I checked the settings "brightness" level on the dash and it was still at "4" which is the highest setting.  I did put my finger on the HVAC LED readout screen and it was HOT, and I do mean HOT!  I believe it was dropping into some kind of thermal protection mode. The fan was set on low but the plastic around the two air ducts directly above the HVAC panel was very warm as well.  

   I shut the HVAC system off for about an hour and turned it back on.  The screen was now illuminated but not as bright as when it was new.  I would say it cam 80% back.  This is going to be a real issue, that Can Am is going to have to address.  So remember a year from now that you heard it here first.  I have not tried to take it apart myself yet and see if I can heat wrap the air ducts so that they do not radiate heat onto the back of the HVAC module.   I have not taken it back to the dealership, as I just had a horrible experience with the dealership the day before.  My fitment on my back two door are to say the least, horrible.  The rear  doors closed somewhat hard the day I picked the max up.  After a month of riding the rear two doors will hardly latch from the inside.  In fact two of the door came open when we were pulling the sleds. You now have to slam then with a lot of force from the outside to get then to latch.  I took it to the dealership in my area but after a week they told me that Can Am would not warranty any adjustment to the doors, and that it should have been fixed at the initial set-up.  The front door fit perfectly.  I had told the dealership that the problem with the rear doors had gotten worse AFTER we had the unit for a couple weeks. This didn't matter to my dealer or Can Am apparently.  I did buy the Max from a dealer 7 hours away as he was the only one who had one or was getting one in the next 6 weeks. So now I will be adjusting my doors myself and getting in touch with Can Am by myself as well to see if what I was told was true.

   By the way if Can Am is listening you can reach me at 319 239-9988 if you would like to make this right.  I will say this other than the brakes being very soft, which the dealership was supposed to look at but didn't, the Max is great.  I do see this limited HVAC model becoming what everyone, or at least every spouse will want their significant other to be purchasing if you are going to be riding 365 days a year.  We pulled 4 kids on a toboggan and another sled for hours and more smiles have never been seen from them.  Inside the cab I had to strip down to a t-shirt and roll the window down to cool off from time to time.  I definitely don't regret the purchase and I will fix my Max myself if I have to.  Fortunately I am capable of such trouble shooting and repairing my own machine if I have to but it does not endear me to my local dealer or Can Am.

     On a separate issue, one of the rear bighorn tires was rimmed flat by the end of the day.  I have rode the exact same ground and paths on my outlander and renegade for years without ever getting a flat.  Upon examination I expected to find a thorn from a Locust tree, but I found a lot of little pokes in the tire from ordinary wood, with one penetrating all the way through.  The rubber on the bighorns is very soft rubber and grabs very well but I can see how these could be real problem tires if out for a big ride on a trip.  Luckily I had already ordered 32" Rock A Billys and new Sedoma bead lock rims.  Now I just have to slime the old bighorn and put together my new tires and rims.   

     I bought my Max Limited from Cowtown in Cuba Missouri and I can honestly say that I had the most pleasant buying experience I have ever had.  Check out Doug at Cowtown, if you find a great dealer I think people should share as my local dealer is becoming the dealer of  "what not to do to keep or earn customers".

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