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Heavy duty plow with hydraulic angle


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Just installed a BRP heavy duty plow with hydraulic angle, in order to get the cylinders on I had to loosen the hoses on the cylinder and lost some hydraulic oil. Wondering how do I know how much oil is in the tank and how to know when I reached the max amount I’m supposed to have in it. I don’t see a site glass or a dip stick anywhere on the tank. Anyone know anything about this? If so I’d really appreciate your help!





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   If it is anything like every other hydraulic pump and reservoir I have worked on, just cycle the plow back and forth 10 times, which should get the air out of the cylinders and back into the reservoir.  At that point, filling the reservoir to 3/4 full should be sufficient as with a two cylinder system that works in opposition the level in the reservoir should never change.  

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