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Newbie here!


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Hey I'm from Newfoundland Canada, purchased a 2019 hd8 XT this year and I'm in love with it.   Have glass flip up windshield, rear poly, canvas doors and sport roof.   I'm now looking to do a light bar, winsheid wiper,  nice front bumper and maybe a heater. Of course a lot more but just this stuff for now.    What's everyone else running for a windshield wiper and heater?   And input is appreciated. 


Thanks all! 


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Welcome to the Forum.  I just use rainX plastic on the windshield and keep a squeegee for the occasion that the water on the windshield is too much too put up with.  The heater I have is a Golf cart buddy and works good for me with the soft doors in a crew cab but I'm in Texas and probably not as cold as you have to deal with in Newfoundland.  Another thing I do is use an electric heater on a timer (extension cord to wall outlet) so it's all thawed out in the morning when I go out early.

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Good looking machine, your ATV almost looks bigger!  No advice on the heater or wiper, but the heater from Super ATV runs around $300.  Not as custom looking as the Can Am one but substantially cheaper.

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