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Is it raining outside??? Oh wait, that's INSIDE!!

A hunt 2 remember

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While I love my full cab and heat.... but NOT the condensation that occurs because of it. Especially after adding some sound proofing/insulation to retain some of it... first i started across the back firewall. Sure it cut the engine noise down and may have added some heat retention. The doors unfortunately had such a gap that it allowed a draft and quite a bit of dust. Easy fix.... some foam door jamb insulation on the frame that the door seal butts into. Making a GREAT SEAL!!! Problem now is..... the condensation on the roof..... picture below DRIPPING from above... WHAT THE HECK??? Oh well, off with the headliner and another couple rolls of 1/2" foam added to the roof. Which also added a better seal around the roof at the roll bar. So now my weak links are the front cab wall and doors themselves. (As for heat loss) thinking I'm good with the doors for now, but the front wall I'd like to address. While foam isn't really an option for longevity reasons.... I'm thinking about a bedliner material applied to add some thickness between.... any ideas???








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12 minutes ago, Andystoy19 said:

I haven't used my machine in freezing temperatures yet but I now know what to look for if I start getting a drip inside, condensation freezing on an uninsulated surface wouldn't be unusual but unexpected for sure?😉

I didn't really notice it untul I started insulating the cab. But now that I have sealed the gaps it has nowhere to go.... Hoping the insulation on the roof will keep it from accumulating condensation. At first I thought it might be leaking through the mounting holes for the light bars. Not the case.... It was just laws of nature.... like a glass of cold liquid in a warm area.... the outside of the glass condensates. Unless you add a cozy.... Same thing here.... cold outside.... warm inside= condensation.  So i just added a COZY to my roof... 😉

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9 hours ago, Andystoy19 said:

We are going to give you the nick name of the "continuous improvement man", I hope Canam are keeping track of your projects. Thanks😊

Hey, I've NEVER been known to do something half @$$ed.... I'm also thinking closed cell insulation between my aluminum skids and the plastic floor. Also adding a layer of DIY bedliner to the entire floor and wheel wells. 

Oh, and IF BRP is listening, i could use another 15 or so amps of power out of the stator..... 🤞😊🤞just sayin' 

My next venture is to get some GROUND CLEARANCE!!!

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