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16 defender xt1000 no start


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Hello everyone. 

Didn't know this forum existed until I had to get on the Google when my defender wouldn't start this morning. 

The engine is turning over. Battery is strong. I can hear the fuel pump running every time I cycle the key. Haven't checked for spark yet because be hard to do by yourself. I noticed my digital and analog rpm gauges showing no rpms as the engine is turning. Any ideas?

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Try removing a spark plug wire to check for spark if there is spark replace cap and depress accelerator and crank engine to clear possible flooding return accelerator to idle and crank engine if no start plan B. Remove both plugs and check to see if they are wet and smell like gasoline if yes replace plugs.

Stand on the brake pedal when cranking the engine just in case, but the starter shouldn't engage if this signal was missing. Check the fuses f5 and f6 in the fuse box next to the battery. Start by checking the fuses first and wiggle the connectionsto see if any are loose? Good luck.🤔

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