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Repair headache rack


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I tried to squeeze under a windfall and the tree dropped between the cab and the headache rack. The force sheared the two vertical stakes in the front of the box and bent the side braces as seen in the picture.

The vertical stakes have a designed shear point as can be seen in the picture so that the headache rack itself and the box are not damaged at all.

Brp sells parts 715003498 which it calls an "adjuster foot" for french interpretation of vertical stakes as a pair in a kit, pricey but a very quick repair. These vertical stakes should be the same for the side box extenders etc. so if you have a misshap some parts are available. It does not sell the side braces but those are made of soft steel and can be bent back into shape with a hammer and a piece of 2x4. There was a bit of paint flaking where the worst bends were but a bit of spray paint will fix that. FYI 😥






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