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"LOCKLAIR" Message on Display



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Edit - I am an idiot. "Locklair" is the name of a business associated with the family of the previous owner. I didn't realize you could have a name scroll on the screen at startup. Can-Am's are a lot fancier than my '01 John Deere. LOL. 

Please bear with me as I don't have much experience with modern UTVs. I just purchased my first Can-Am after keeping a 6x4 Gator running for 21 years. It's a 2018 HD7 that has been sitting for a while. The owner died soon after purchasing it and it sat in his widow's garage. I bought it with under 100 miles on it. Anyway, it's been hard to start since I got it (I replaced the battery) and nearly every time I fire it up a message appears on the display that reads "LOCKLAIR." There is absolutely nothing in the owner's manual about this message and Google gives me 0 results. I have followed the instructions to bleed the coolant system but it has not resolved the issue. What am I missing here? Once I get it running it seems to be perfectly fine. Thanks in advance for your help. 

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I would suspect you have old gas that needs to be replaced with new and you can try and add a gasoline additive that cleans your system and injectors. If the gas had ethanol in it when it was parked you may have had phase separation and some nasty stuff in the tank that needs to be dissolved and cleaned up.

Have fun with the new to you machine.😉

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