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Defender XT Cab front high hitch


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This is a Canam bolt on option 715003109 called the higher front receiver hitch mount, it bolts in as per instructions. I cut the plastic shield that you have to remove for this install and reinstalled it as a two piece so that it still keeps the mud from flying up onto the radiator. 

The hitch is a Reese 3 hole adjustable for height, I leave it installed in front and if necessary I can use it in the back for a regular tow hitch as well. The trailer you see is a light tandem and the Defender manuevers it easily and into nice tight places. The front hitch is a  good option for backing a light boat trailer into the lake as well. FYI705389127_highhitch.thumb.jpg.7bd8c559e9635119542911fa892369e3.jpg

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Hi Jim, the only other pictures are under the defender build section with my post on the 30" tires, as I recall fairly straight forward, other than I chose to cut the plastic mud shield into two and install on the ends and sides to prevent mud from splashing up on the rad. Good luck with the install and I use it more than I thought I would.🙂

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I got my high hitch receiver done this morning. Looks like it reinforces the whole front winch area pretty well too. I took Andy's advice and fabricated the stock radiator shroud to fit around the receiver. Thanks Andy!



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