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looking for help with 30 inch Tire install on 2018 Defender XT HD8


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I installed 30 inch Maxxis Liberty ML3 on my 2018 Defender XT HD8 with 2 inch spacers on the rear only. I am getting inside rubbing on the front with a full turn. I also have the shock settings on maximum with the same result. The dealer installed them and are suggesting I install 1 inch spacers on the front to alleviate the problem. I have no problem installing the spacers (thinking 1.5 inch because of availability) but I am not convinced this will correct the problem. I put the cart before the horse here it seems and may go with 28s. some people have suggested a 2 inch lift but that would be the max i would want to go with as it is getting close to my garage door height. perhaps a 2 inch lift with the 28s may be the way to go for me but not sure if the dealer will take the 30 inch tires back. Any suggestions would be helpful. I do like the 30s but the rubbing is a problem. thanks

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If you haven't checked out the builds section go there and read a few of the builds. 

I have a 2019 Defender XT HD10 cab and my build is in there, it may have a different front end than the 2018 that you have. 

If you haven't already done so raise your spring tension to max and that may be enough to get rid of your rub. Mine has a lift and the springs at max with no spacers and no rub. There are other threads in there that you can check out.😉


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