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Hey all, I just picked up my 2019 defender Xmr.  Wonderful machine.  Just breaking it in, don’t want to wreck the belt.  I put in front and rear glass.  Slider on the rear and complete flip up on the front.  Uninsulated plastic top.  I ditched the Cryptid for carnivores to save my lawn.  I have a 20” light bar on now that seems a bit small (first side by side), any suggestions?  I am also looking for mirrors.  Something that will take a hit.  Pics later.

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Welcome to the forum @Kyleinmn! - Congrats on the new ride!  I have a rear view mirror that works going enough I haven't worried about installing the side mirrors.  I have a buddy with the can-am oem side mirrors and they are nice.



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Hey Now everyone. Picked a 19 HD10 cab max about two weeks ago, so far an awesome machine. Traded a 17 Commander 1000 with plow in on it. Coming from a Commander it whole different world. I kept the Apache LT tracks which will bolt up to the Defender for winter.

So far I've installed a Flare kit, Headache Rack and Radio. I'm also looking at either a Fisher or Western Hyd. plow set-up just waiting on some answers from the Co. on mounts for the 19 and use with the tracks on. 

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