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New to Can Am, HD8 belt questions



Father-in-law bought a 2019 HD8 with about 2K miles on it.  He’s had it for about a year so far, but hasn’t used it a lot.

He is hard on equipment and last weekend decided to drive it out through the middle of my duck hole.  He of course got stuck, did the “throttle it till I spin to the frame” and finally two of us on ATV’s winched him out.

Got in the Can Am yesterday and noticed a shudder when taking off.  As the day progressed I heard what is most likely the belt squealing a bit on take off.  More concerning was a slight rattle from that area when coming to a stop.

I’m a Honda guy, I haven’t ever worked on belt stuff but I am handy with a wrench. Belt replacement looks pretty straightforward, but what else should I be looking for while I’m in there? (source of rattle?) What belt should I use? Local dealership had one for $169 and one for $189 that they said was for the sport machines, which tells me there are more options than just using the stock OEM belt, although I have no problem with that if they are the best option.

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Check the belt first it may have a flat spot if it was in high range when he was stuck. Your choice of belt, the more you pay the better the belt is supposed to be for heat but the HD8 is not that powerful so the cheaper one or an aftermarket one of your choice.

The rattle in the clutch area could indicate a broken spring in the primary, or broken spring or clutch buttons in the secondary.

For extended belt life its always better to use Low range when stuck, less chance of smoking the contact area and burning a flat spot. Make sure you clean off any belt smear on the clutch surfaces, blow out the belt dust (primary, secondary and cover) and lightly buff the belt contact surface on the primary and the secondary with a Scotchbrite pad to remove any glaze if present, when done wipe the surface with a clean cloth or use a bit of brake clean to clean the contact area, take it easy on the new belt for 20 miles or so to break it in.🙂

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