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Suspension and steering loss / tire rub

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Hey all first post, I hope to be more of a contributing member so apologies for starting off with suspension questions😅

I have a 2019 Defender HD8 max. It's a great machine we mostly use it for work on the property, hunting and taking trails to town and the shooting range when the highway is closed due to accidents. 

It's needing some more ground clearance. There are a few spots the bottom drags on the trails near our home. 

I ordered 3" lift spacers but haven't installed them yet because I saw the BFT suspension kit and am thinking about going that route instead. Sounds like I'll need +2 forward A-arms for bigger tires anyway. 

My my concern about the BFT kit is the loss of turning radius. The Max is already long and I really don't want to loose anymore steering.  

Is there any steering loss from the +2 forward A-arms or is it solely from the steering stops installed on the tie rods?  I'm hoping I won't need the steering stops. I'm thinking about 30x8r14 and 30x10r14 Interforce tires on stock wheels. 

Also any need for limiting straps with 3" lift coilover spacers?

Thanks and sorry if this has already been answered somewhere else. 

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You can start by reading the builds section in the garage section on this site where there are several builds that explain how to get extra clearance without throwing a whole bunch of parts and money at it. My 2019 Defender XT HD 10 build runs 30" tires on stock rims with the springs cranked up and a small lift and no rub.🙂

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