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Survival tools for winter


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Alright all, a buddy and myself are wanting to go winter exploring the 1000’s of acres of state land in northern Minnesota.  We both have defenders, his being a HD10 XT Cab and mine a HD10 Xmr with a cab and heater. He is running Apache tracks and I’m running Camso.  My question is, what do we absolutely NEED to bring with to help get us out of any situation we find ourselves in. 


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A few things I keep in my machine when running tracks: 

  • Rubber mallet 
  • 24"pinch bar 
    • These are for breaking ice build up around the tracks and CV boots 
  • Folding Shovel 
  • Breaker Bar
  • Spare Tire
  • Small Toboggan 
    • If your tracks come off or break you can put the assembly on top of the toboggan.  
  • 200 piece stanley tools kit
    • make sure you have torq drives & metric in whatever kit you bring. 
  • 2 x 30ft tow strap 
  • Jerry Can of Gas
  • Tarp 
  • Coolant 
  • Off road jack or bottle jack with lots of 4x4 blocks
  • Coleman Single Burner Dual Fuel 
  • Knife/Leatherman 
  • GPS with InReach w/charger 
  • Phone Charger 



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i would also add:


dry socks and gloves

some dry food pouches/bags in case of over night staying somewhere

zip ties



not just tow ropes but kinetic ropes so that you can get a little momentum to help pull and no initial shock of the pull.

a striker, lighter, matches or flint for lighting a fire

towels, paper and cotton. can be used to wipe hands, start fires, etc.

flares would be helpful

flags to stick in the ground would be helpful if needing to mark something or a path out

flash lights

dry bag or a heat bag, the aluminum reflector style ones

carabiner clips

just a few more things i carry


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Is there no need for a chainsaw/axe in Northern Minnesota? As for the GPS... I've mounted a Garmin base unit on my dash that powers my Montanna and allows me to run it.... AND keep it powered..... also remember.... a 30 minute flare will damn near start a sunken log..... I've also added a couple accessory plugs for odds and ends.... plus a come along.... and BE SAFE!!!!











































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I do usually carry a hatchet and machete, but I think I'll definitely be bringing the chainsaw as well.


I really appreciate every ones comments!  Makes me feel a little bit better about going into the snow covered wilderness with 2000lb machines on tracks that were never intended to be on tracks haha

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Not much to add other than a battery jumper like a NOCO. The standard batteries in the Canams are not the strongest for their size and in really cold conditions might need a bit of oomph if they have to be started cold. I live near International Falls, it does get kinda cold here…..

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