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2021 Can Am Defender Limited engine failure



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I have a 2021 Limited (80 hrs) that recently shut off, while driving back to my truck and trailer on a hunting trip in November. I assumed it was an electrical issue. Long story short it was not electrical. I took it to nearest can am dealer, where It was diagnosed that the engine was seized. I was told that welding spatter inside exhaust head pipe dislodged and caused damage to the top end of the engine. the unit was just out of warranty, and the dealer was able to get Can Am to warranty the repairs needed to fix top end of motor. 

Has anyone else experienced this on there defender ? should i be worried about the reliability of having the top end completely rebuilt? my unit is almost like new with 80 something hours and 400 miles. i was hoping to have a complete new engine or possible replacement. I was without my machine for two months out of the year, which is about the only time i use it.

Thanks, for any feed back...

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Sounds to me like Can Am will fix whatever has been damaged by the seizure. Top of piston, valve(s) and head, nothing else should be damaged or require repair on a low mileage engine. Good luck with the repair.🙂

If you want you can ask the dealer to show you the damaged parts that have been replaced?🤔

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