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Very Slow power Windows 2022 defender limited

Mr. Craig


I have a 2022 defender limited I just purchased this year. I noticed recently when it started to get cold outside that both driver and passenger power windows labor to go up or down. When its 30 degrees Fahrenheit or there abouts the windows wont even fully close without physically helping them up. However when its warmed up in the garage or its warm outside the windows go up and down just fine. Looked in the window track, even lubed it up with no success... temporarily removed one of the gaskets in the window track and the window freely opens and closed with no issues without the seal. I belive both my doors were build out of tolerance from the factory and the window track was drilled and tapped incorrectly causing too much left and right tension on the glass with the seals installed... the glass nearly touches the inside of the track with the seal removed.. the track has no dents or bends it it.. put the seal back in and its back to being very slow again(when its cold)

Talked to the dealer who is over an hour away they seem to think its a window switch.. but I popped the window switch out while it was cold and warmed it with a heat gun for 10 minutes or so and it made no differences in how labored and slow the windows open and close...


Dealer has to have the unit on location for warranty claims which basically means ill have to drop it off for weeks until they can fix it..


Has anyone seen anything like this or know of any fixes?





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My brand new 2022 Defender Limited does the same thing 110 km. Drivers door the worst. Not impressed hope they come up with a fix. Will be calling my dealer. Works fine in garage but in minus 15 have to help pull up. 

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Well I picked up the 22 defender limited from the dealer today, its 26 degrees Fahrenheit outside today and the windows go up and down better than when it was new.

The tech told me they replaced the flocked window seals that sit in the track with a newer version that comes in a windows seal kit part # 703501221

Hope this helps some people, there dosen't seem to be that active of a forum community for these defenders so trying to contribute where I can.

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