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Cab/Seat heat from engine

sf jakey

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I can not find any info anywhere on this.  I had a bad seat heat issue from my Pioneer.  I assumed the can am was not an issue since no one mentions it.  I just talked to a guy who is selling his can am max because he says the heat in the back seat is so bad you can’t ride in it.  Is engine heat an issue?  Is it equally bad in the 3 seat and the 6 seat?  I use the machine in warm weather a lot.  Thanks

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Starting in 2020 can am started putting a sound barrier behind the rear seat in both types of machines which helped reduce the heat as well. I have a 3 seat 2019 Cab and several of us put in a sound barrier on the back wall to reduce the noise a bit but I didn't notice the heat as a problem, but I haven't done long rides in the summer time. The thread is in the builds section if you want to check it out.

You can buy the sound barrier through parts and install it yourself in the older machines. There is at least one thread on here if you want to check it out.🙂

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