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Smart Lock Issues



Hey guys. Have something weird going on and I figured someone on here may be able to lead me in the right direction. Smart lock has been acting weird. If I put it in 4wd, the trail light doesn't light up but the mud light will. And then while turning the steering will occasionally bind up if in mud mode. It stays bind until either turn the opposite way, come to a stop, flip the switch to trail or disengage the 4wd. If I put it in diff lock, the steering binds almost instantly. I have already taken the diff out and removed the left cover to make sure I didn't damage any components internally. Inside of diff was clean. Checked all fuses and plugs. I am hoping it is just a speed sensor or maybe the smart lock computer. Steering works perfect in 2wd. Anyone have any ideas?? Is there a way to test the speed sensors? I appreciate any help!




2019 Defender XMR

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hey man, I know that post about your defender xmr is way old but have you found out what the deal with it is I m having the same issue been I'm shop for atleast 7 months with no answers or fixes




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