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2019 Defender Cab XT HD10 key door lock



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I couldn't open or unlock my passenger door on the cab model with a key or using the latch from the outside but the door latch opened from the inside.

Closer inspection through the latch window on the inside showed part of the latch with a hole for a pin and a cable eye further back inside. The drivers side revealed that a pin held the cable eye onto the back of the latch with a washer and a cotter key.

Removed the two push pins at the bottom inside of the door and carefully pulled the plastic past the door seal so that I could look inside and found the pin, the cotter key and the washer. Using a pair of needle nose pliers with a 90 degree bend I was able to replace the pin into the cable eye and into the latch bracket from the back, than place the washer over the pin and install the cotter key. (The cotter key was slightly bent but reusable after straightening). Hint don't put the plastic inner door back until you have completed the pin install, just in case you have many dropped parts like I did. I reused the push pins but will replace them when I buy some new ones.

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