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2019 canam defender hd5 not starting

Ricky bobby


My defender hd5 recently just stopped cranking. Checked fuses and relays and everything is good but not firing. Anyone can point me in the right direction would be appreciated! I’ve got a Xmr and the coil pack for it ain’t a quarter of the price for this 500!

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If the starter no longer engages than you would want to check the solenoid and the starter. Fuse box 1 under the hood, fuse 8 if the engine does not crank and the guage does not turn on.

If the ignition is not firing the plugs you can check F9 in fuse box 2 near the battery and relay 1 and 2 as well as F5. This is from the shop manual for the HD8 and HD 10 your HD5 may be different. 

Try stepping on the brake in any gear position and see if the starter engages? If you only start it in P or N and the brake works your switch at the gear selector may be bad?🙂

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