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A better gun rack....


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In my 22 limited max one of the first things I added was an under the center seat gun rack that many other forum guys have. I decided I could build it better (and cheaper) than just buying the 'plug and play' version available. 
i purchased the Kolpin brand holder. It is identical to the can am version without the can am sticker (and price).

 Just to mock it up faster I used a finished grade plywood vs cutting and bending light gauge steel.   

The original attempt worked ok for me, but I was not completely satisfied. Most of the Arsenal that will be carried with me here are AR platform weapons, most with sizable optics.  The 'grip' was basically at the level of the optics.  The highest level I could mount the grips was 19" when mounted flush with center seat.  The front of most of my optics are about 22-25" measured from the butt to the top of the optics. This did not allow a solid grip (see attached pic).  The grip went around the gun, but it could move around and when most secure the clamps where against the optics (which I don't want).
I added 'Gun Gripper' butt stock grips on the floor to make it so the weapon would not move on the floor.  This helps a great deal and I would highly recommend these no matter what gun you carry!

I will be doing a 'take two', well actually a 'take three' on this to raise the level of the clamps high enough to clear optics. 
I feel this will be the best for me. I have far too much invested in guns (and optics) that I will allow a sub par holder. I want it to be rock solid, so when my 'truck gun' is secure, it is completely secure. 
Stay tuned for my better version...

The grips sold and installed as others have done will work best for guys with shot guns or weapons without optics.  i hope this helps others who have a similar arsenal that needs to be secure.


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