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2021 Defender HD10 Tool List

Ronnie G.

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Sorry if this has already been covered. I searched the forums before posting and didn't find anything. 

I am looking for a List of what tools to load my Rhino USA tool roll with. I have seen some recommended tools to pack but not all inclusive. Really wanted to have the essential wrenches, sockets, Hex and Torx sizes I will need. Plier's hammers and other tools are a no brainer just didn't to overpack if not needed.

New to this forum and Defender owner. Not even a mile on my HD10 XT machine yet. Still waiting for the snow to melt in Alaska.... 

Thanks in advance for the help!1475690252_RhinoUSAtoolBag.thumb.jpg.ff95de87027a9a6f978669226ffdbbce.jpg  

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I have:

12V compressor and tire repair kit.  Or a spare wheel/tire if you have the room

Metric wrenches and sockets  I don't have the ones written down that I carry, 

Torx drivers not sure but T25 and T27 ring a bell

Gloves for handling the steel winch cable

Wired remote for the winch

Front hitch.

Flashlight(s) or a PETZL headlight, because those black screws are a PITA to find in a black interior.

Fire Extinguisher mounted in plain view.

NOCO Jumpstarter 

Spare belt, and BRP belt changing tools.  A kevlar tow rope if not...

   You will want a spring style bendy extension for a ratcheting screwdriver to access the torx fittings on the belt cover.  I run tracks for 4 months of the year,  and every now and then, there is water inside, causing ice pellets to form... hard to get into it when its dry, worse when its covered in snow.

Chain saw. /  Fuel / Shovel / Axe

Phone charging cords

ZOLEO Satellite Communicator 

First Aid Kit

Ratcheting Tie Downs, ropes, shackles, etc.

We go into some fun areas, but they're not so fun when you can't get back out.

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On 3/14/2022 at 4:02 AM, Ronnie G. said:

Thanks for the reply, I got a tool set coming for the bag and picked up the new milwaukee 6" hatchet chain saw. I'll post up a full list of what we will be carrying. 

Haha I got a really nice folding 21” bow saw a couple weeks ago.  Had to make 2 cuts in 12” log across trail this afternoon and am ordering cordless chainsaw tonight.  

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