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2022 Limited Stone Grey.


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Just got her a week ago and am starting the build. Very slowly as this is getting expensive. 

Plans are for: side mirrors, backup camera, rear bumper, and plow. 

The canam side mirrors were easy to install. Especially once I through the instructions in the garbage as they were telling me to pull the inside of the solid doors off. Realized you can just remove two hex pan head bolts and the mirrors bolt on. Glad I have these as It has made backing up a breeze. They to fold in which will be great for trail riding. 

Installed a rival rear bumper. Love the Bumper. I have a few minor issues. Packaging was great. However the bumper still had scratches on it. The blots for attaching the bumper to the brackets are two small. I plan on putting bigger ones on. Lastly the foot bracket is small in heigh. You will only be able to put the tip of your toe in the bracket if you are wearing work boots.

There are a two installation points one should be aware off.

1. You only drill through plastic. I found putting the plate in the recesses in the bed and drilling through the holes in the plate worked best. I did not like drilling through from the bottom as you will need to make sure your drill is perfectly vertical or the plate or holes will not line up. 

2. The plastic end caps will fall out. I silicon glued mine in place. 

I am still researching for a good quality 50” light bar that does not go above the roof height. So far backcountry seems to have the best. A bit pricy. Does anyone have any comments in that. 

also researching a plow. I was going to go with a fisher vplow but someone told go with boss. It is lighter and better quality. I want a good quality vplow as I have over 900’ of gravel driveway to plow and we can get over 40cm in a dump here. Any thoughts?

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I just bought a random light bar from amazon.  I think the brand was NiLight or something.  It is a straight, 50in, single row.  I'm thinking I want to switch it out to a curved one for appearance reasons though.  I think the curved ones follow the roof line better.  For mounting it, I drilled through the roof and bolted it to the roll cage.  If you go this route you will need to put washers between the roof and the roll cage so you can tighten everything up without distorting/bending the roof.  I used 1/4x1in fender washers and just taped them together to make one big spacer so it'd be easier to hold them in place while I put the bolt through.


Good luck with your build!  Sounds like its going to be quite the work horse for ya.

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19 hours ago, DefenderDB said:

So far backcountry seems to have the best.

I googled backcounty light bars but could not find that manufacturer. How much? 1 or 2 rows of LED's? Curved?

I went for a random purchase like RossO did ($24 at Walmart) - a double-row, 32", curved light bar. I don't have a flip-up windshield and wanted to use the gaps under the roof to mount my brackets. It's away from the roof line and sides, where you get most branch hits. So far it's great and have one like it facing back, too.

Note that LED "watts" are not actual watts, it's the "equivalent brightness to Halogen watts". In order to compare products, you might find this calculator handy.



19 hours ago, DefenderDB said:

I was going to go with a fisher vplow but someone told go with boss. It is lighter and better quality.

I have the straight-blade BOSS plow. Note two things - 1) the dealer had to remove the XT bumper and 2) there was no drain hole in the mount plate to access the front diff fluid drain plug. I would drill that hole before mounting the plate.


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