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Overheating issue- fan not running

Sudbury Defender


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Hey guys, 

I’m from Northern Ontario, with a 2016 HD8. The unit throws an overheat code after running 1-2 minutes in the dead of winter. I’m noticing that the fan isn’t kicking on. I checked the 30a fuse by the battery and the relay right off the battery. I noticed two wires hanging off the relay. Any idea where these run to? Could they be for the fan? If not, is there something else to diagnose before changing the fan? 


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I have enclosed a page from the manual (trouble shooting flow diagram) which should help you determine what needs to be replaced. The fuse is a 25 Amp under the  passenger seat and the relay is located next to it. The under side of the cover (laying in the snow) should have a diagram that helps identify the components.🤔20220208_102446.thumb.jpg.50e0bf23fd95f9e205b9b3d650433abb.jpgI didn't attach the flow diagram upside down on purpose, sometimes these smart phones just do what they do.

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