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In-Dash Volt Meter and USB Port

Mark in Colorado

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Found this on Amazon for $18.  Looks good, works well, and you can watch voltage levels go up and down as you start the rig and then use things like lights, snow plow, heater…. Easy wire-in: slide the heater out (3 screws and 4 nuts) then wired it directly up to the termination block under the dash to posts 1 and 3 (the “key on” power set up). - Mark




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Looks like a handy item, especially for those with big accessory loads. At 12.6 and below you are starting to run on battery so it will show when you are getting back into the charge zone as the engine RPM goes up. Maximum charge RPM is about 4200 and up. 

You can see battery voltage when you turn the key on before starting the engine. Thanks🙂

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Yeah they're nice to have, plus you dont have to use an adapter to charge phones or tablets. I grabbed a round one and drilled a hole where there is an indent next to the power outlet socket. That way tyou don't have to burn a switch spot.

Similar to this one, although I had found a 4.8Amp one but lists it as unavailable.


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