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Options for 2-4 inches of lift- 2021 defender hd8


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We bought a 2021 defender hd8 earlier this year and have gone on a couple of trips now and it’s pretty clear we need to go up a couple inches. I’ve read about a couple options, spacers, hd springs, brackets, portals… For the guys that have gone up 2-4 inches what’s the do’s and don’ts? 

My ideal set up would be running 30in tires all the way around. 

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I have a '19 HD10 Max Cab XT which came with OEM Arched Arms, with the S3 Springs and running 30x10x14 QuadBoss QBT846 tires on stock rims.

You can find tons of used OEM arched arms on the many Can-Am Defender facebook groups from people that went for aftermarket arched/forward arms if you want to keep it on the least expensive side. Otherwise, you could add 2" bracket lift, or buy said aftermarket arched arms.

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A little late to the party, but wanted to give my two cents.  I installed the shock spacers and it raised my Xmr about 3 inches.  Axle angle changed a little, but I have yet to have a problem with angle or length.  

I did the spring spacers because I figured that the axles were designed to handle the full travel of the stock shock.  So if I never travel passed the full length of the OEM shocks I shouldn't have a problem...?

attached is a picture of the spacers installed with the OEM 30 inch cryptids standing over a 5 gallon bucket.  

Total of 18 inches of clearance

Just for fun I also attached a pic of the clearance with camso tracks and the lift.  

View recent photos.png

View recent photos.png

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