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Locked front brakes

Mike b

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Anyone experience this. I was riding yesterday in a dusty area and I got a red light on my dash that said brakes. Then I give it gas and it goes into limp mode and my front wheels don't move. It feels like there's no give on the brake pedal. I trailer it back to camp for the night. I start it the next morning and it's fine. Any ideas?

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The brake light will come on if the brakes aren't released while riding. You might try bleeding some brake fluid at each caliper and make sure the calipers release enough that the wheel turns freely when jacked up. If the brake pedal doesn't move it might be the master cylinder (jammed) if the brake line from it to the front calipers is not damaged. Check the rear calipers to make sure they are free, it might narrow down your problem?🙂

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