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Goes into limp mode

Jim Golden

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my 2020 HD10 Limited goes into limp mode at times at running it hard (normal) lol

it’s updated with 30” tires/evo stage 3/ MBRP slip on /evo customer clutch kit 

Any ideas on a possible cause?

and also how do you check for codes ?


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A couple of things that will cause limp mode: overheat, low oil pressure and possibly detonation.

If you are not getting a check engine light, low oil pressure light or over heat I would call EVO?

You will most likely need a diagnostic tool such as Buds to check your codes in this case?🙂

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I do get a ck engine light I turn off the engine wait a bit start back up and it’s out of the limp mode state

no overheat or oil lamp come on and also coolant. It’s got 1100 miles I’ve changed oil twice level is correct. 
So I must need a diagnosis scanner then 🤔 there isn’t a on board way then on the limited model? 

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The diagnostic section in the manual describes troubleshooting with BUDS, there doesn't appear to be a list of codes that you could see on the guage although there might be a message? Buds will be able to clear the code after so that you can see if it reappears again?🙂

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I believe I recently experienced a similar problem with my 2019 Defender HD-8.  I had it's first service two months ago, from the dealership, and with less than 75 miles since then, it suddenly decelerated, started to run rough and the check engine light came on.  I was less than a 1/4 mile from home and turned it off and waited a few minutes to restart it.  I made it back to the house but check engine light came back on so I parked it.  

I don't run it hard, I have a 38 acre farm and use it mainly for hauling and just cruising around.  I have checked the battery connections and all the fluid levels look fine.  Let me know if anyone has had a similar experience or if there are any suggestions.

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