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Why is my Winch Not working?



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Its a complicated question:

If you have a volt meter start checking for power at the winch when you have someone hold the pull or release switch, if no power in either direction it could be a loose connection, bad solenoid, blown fuse or bad winch motor. If you don't know how to use a voltmeter take the machine to a dealer or ATV/UTV shop.

The Defender has two fuse boxes: fuse box one near the battery and fuse box two under the front hood. If its a factory wired winch it may be on a thermal? link which opens with excess current and closes when it cools off, I believe its under the dash, behind the key and the removable switch panels.🙂

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I forgot to mention the winch has a large knob on the end of it (passenger side) that can be used to freespool the line by turning it about a quarter of a turn, if the knob is not completely engaged the winch won't pull but you should be able to pull the line out freely. Turn the knob to the engaged position for winching in or out?🙂

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