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Anyone running Elka shocks yet?


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I have them on a 1000 Outlander XT and they work as advertised, stage 1.🙂

I thought about them for the Defender but went with a chassis lift instead (in the builds section). The Defender is a much slower machine on the rough stuff so far so good.

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I’m running them on my 2020 defender 10hd. It lifted it just enough for the BFG tires to fit with out the lift. They made a massive difference. The stock shocks felt very ‘boat like’ these are solid and ride really nice. It was the best upgrade I have done. 65905449527__7815C033-838C-47D2-AC5E-A6C3B20D6443.thumb.jpeg.3cdde5212c290ab5471e62376f1cb88e.jpeg

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