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Limp home mode?

D mason 0045


We just bought a defender max xt hd10. Blue in color. 

I’ve already put about 80 miles on it. Last night while driving it the engine light came on and went into limp home mode. I turned the key off and on three times. Then the limp mode went off followed by the engine light. 

overall we love the machine. I was wondering if anyone else had this problem. Or maybe it’s nothing just kinda has me concerned?  

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The limp home mode is a fail safe to reduce power and save your engine when an engine problem is detected. Without trying to find the whole list I would suggest a trip to the dealer where they can download the stored code and repair whatever the problem was. 

Over temperature, low oil pressure, fuel pressure and timing are some examples. The fact that the code went away (temporary code) is good but still needs to be checked out.🙂

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