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Windshield wiper and radio


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Just pickup my new Can Am.   Looking to purchase a roof mounted radio system for it, with the possibility of installing a wiper in the future. I'm being told once the radio is installed the wiper will not fit. Trying to figure out options. Any help is appreciated 


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I believe it will fit. 
The wiper motor is below where the radio would fit.  
I put in a full headliner 715003098 for the front, and 715006391 for the rear. 

I have my backup lights, and overhead light mounted   I got it  because it hides all the wiring and tubing.

If you look, the front headliner has the cutouts for speakers and where a stereo would mount. 

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OEM Wiper installs on the glass. Won't interfere with factory header mounted radio. As for audio roofs, that's a different matter, as that would be model dependent, but still shouldn't interfere.


OEM Wiper module pictured, it sits on the glass and is below the header where the stereo would mount (this is from before I installed my Infinity radio in the factory location).


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Wiper for sure!! Especially here in the PNW... I actually went with a SIRIUS XM stereo.. added some tweets to the front speakers and mounted my rears straight to the headliner.... (no supports other than a screw and fender washer into the roof) haven't had any issues with over 2000 miles on Bear. 

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On 7/23/2021 at 8:58 AM, Steelslinger said:

I went with an Infinity Marine radio with matching 6.5" Infinity Marine Speakers (4pcs), and got a set of rear speaker support plates from a guy on facebook. All said, about $500 total and it sounds decent.

Would you share what you used for rear speaker support plates? I don’t think the oem headliner will support my speakers.

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