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fender flares, which ones to get?


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I'm waiting for my Can Am defender max xt to arrive, and thinking I need the fender flares.  I will be hauling hunters to and from the stands at the ranch I'm working at and want to keep them clean.  Is there a major difference in the amount of mud, water, etc that is deflected between the sport and full size fender flares?  Will be running 30x10x14's


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I have the big flares on the front and the regular flares on the back. The ones in the back don’t really matter. But even with the bigger flares on the front, it would still throw significant mud on the driver and passenger sides. So I was forced to get the doors which I didn’t want to do. 




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I have the sport flares on mine and some mud does get up on the doors.  The windows seem to remain clean.  I thing the other flares might be a bit wider.

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