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2020 Defender Max HD 8 4500 winch wireless remote


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Could someone please recommend some wireless remote's/control modules for the CanAm 4500 winch on the Defender Max?  

I tried one out this weekend, wired it in, and I think it fried the control module (I matched all the wires but I couldn't figure out where the white went, so I put it on the only terminal that was left, blue).  

Anyway, recommendations for a wireless winch control setup would be most apprecaited.


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1 hour ago, Bad Daddy said:

Warn makes a nice one that will work with that winch...


Thanks for sharing.  I'm trying to figure out which Warn controller/remote, any chance you might have a link to the one that works?

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Warn 103950 should work, call Warn to verify  

Uses Bluetooth to connect with your phone. 

I didn’t want to wait, so I just ended up getting the Can Am wired remote and connected under the hood. 

It’s the cheapest accessory from Can Am, lol. 

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