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2021 defender max limited hd10 list of problems.



I have a 21 max limited.

It has had a few issues since the day I bought it. 

First one is the door bottoms do not seal up well at all on 3 of the 4 doors. Bad enough where you see daylight thru the bottom seals of the door and frame. The only inward adjustments you have are the strikes. You can only adjust it so far, before you can't pull the latch to open the door without fear of breaking the handle. 

2nd is the windshield squeaking and rattling as you drive it over dirt roads, wash board, etc. Squeaks bad enough that you have to turn the handle about 45 degrees to help it stop squeaking.  

3rd issue is the God awful squealing of the brakes. Since day one it has made this grinding, squealing noise from about 10mph down to a complete stop. Did it at the test drive at the dealer, and has done it every since. 

4th, is the AC. It has oil leaking from the fittings by the condenser, and seems to be low on freon. I believe that should be an easy fix, but dealer does not have an ac tech to check it out. 

5th is the seat belts keep getting twisted up in the B pillar mount. I straighten them out, and lean forward to grab something off the dash, and they are twisted up again. Almost like the mount on the B pillar will not move far enough, or the opening is too large and let's the seat belt twist up. This one is border line dangerous,  as the retractable part of the belt is not working once it gets jammed. This happens everytime.  

The rest of the stuff is small electrical stuff, window switch intermittently working, and thats about it. 

It did every bit of this when it was stock. I told the dealership before I did anything to it with aftermarket parts. And they said they would document it and not blame it on the parts. 

Long story short, can am rep finally makes it to look at the machine, claims the door leaks are caused from me installing the HCR arms and larger tires, and it is now aerodynamically changed, and the air pressure is blowing the bottom of the doors open while I'm driving. 

Other stuff he is blaming on the aftermarket accessories I have installed too. 

Has anyone else had any of these issues with there cars? 

With the amount of money this POS  cost, I was expecting  a little better fit and finish. 




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Seems like you definitely got a a few extra problems with your defender. I’ve actually herd a few issues with the 2021 lineup altogether. A few friends are having  issues with renegades and outlanders. Plus with what I’ve seen and herd online it’s got me feeling ok about having a 2019 lol.  I’m sure with the shortage in stock plus the demand right now for them they are rushing them out as fast as possible. Forget a few bumpers not properly secure hose clamps poor electrical connections.  I remember even when I was shopping hearing the door seals were not the best on the defender. I didn’t get the cab doors so can’t really speak on that but it’s well documented I think. My half’s took a bit of manipulation to get a good seal. I’m sure most the install guys are like close enough  the seat belts do suck I’m with ya on that.  I’m sure they will fix the leaking coolant but if you can do it yourself I would.  My windshield will squeak after some dusty trails also but it goes away after I wash it.  I wouldn’t expect much from a rep after you have bought your machine. Especially after you’ve started to upgrade and modify it. Maybe if you payed their crazy labour costs on every install you could argue it but I feel ya for the cost you should not have to deal with such bs being a 2021. I think you’ll love it with all the kinks out. 

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You will find MANY of us have had issues with warranty related issues.... As well as just "customer service" once the purchase has been made. In regards to the doors as well as the windshield, I added a foam door/window weatherstipping around the frames of them. Helped quite a bit. Also, the side of the door hinges are slotted so they can be adjusted in that manner. Mine happen to be back all the way on the top... and halfway on the lower hinge. (Canting the door a bit askew in a counterclockwise position as per hinge bolt positioning) also another thing to keep an eye on is the roll pin in the windshield handle itself... if it pops out of one side it will get squeaky. And if it falls out? Well, im sure you can figure out that NIGHTMARE...

As for the brakes?? AFTERMARKET!!! OEM PADS SUCK!!!! Many threads here on them..

A/C..... NA here so I  can only second HBK in that..... I'M GLAD I HAVE A 19'!!! LOL

Seat belt? I'M TERRIBLE!!! Mine is over the backrest and clicked in... So again, NA....

Now in regards to all the switches and small stuff??? Just replace them.... more of a PITA than it's worth to even bother... I totally hear what you are saying about the fact "FOR THE PRICE" But I still love Bear!!!!!

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I have three defenders.  A 2017 HD 8 hardcab, a 2018 hardcab and a new 2021 HD10 Max Limited.  The 2018 had a screwed up front end from day one.  After multiple visits it turned out that even though it was new it was poorly assembled most likely hit somewhere along the line or put together with a bent part.  Had to rebuild the entire front end.  The new 2021 Max arrived with a steering problem. It had a mis installed exterior boot.   For $30,000 I expect a quality product.  After owning UTV’s for 20 years,  I like the defenders better than Polaris Ranger’s (have had two) but Can Am’s quality control really sucks.  I say that as someone who ran ISO9000 certified manufacturing plants for 30 years.   To ship a product like this without a test drive is irresponsible.     My local dealer is great.  He has to be pulling his hair out dealing with these knuckleheads at Can Am. Seems like a large percentage of customers have quality issues with them   These issues didn’t just start last year.   

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I am gonna sell this thing. Had it out in Williams Arizona,  prescott Valley,  and crown king for memorial day weekend. Really dusty conditions.  The air filter pick up location is a joke. Might work good for other areas, but pretty much have to clean the filter after one ride. S&B particle separator would be nice. 

The windshield handle is rattling like a bitch unless you turn the handle an 1/8th of a turn to get it to somewhat stop. Door adjustments are downright a joke. I have hung car doors for years, and these are just junk plastic with no real inner skeleton to stiffen them up. 

I have had an arctic cat prowler, kawasaki mule 4 seater, ranger crew xp900, multiple polaris rzrs, 2 seater, 4 seater, turbo, etc, and they were all pretty shoddy with their fit and finish also. None of them had a cab obviously.  I cant swallow the 35k plus otd this thing cost, plus the other who knows how much in all the aftermarket parts to make it useful in the environment I am riding in. 

My neighbor has a new polaris northstar,  it was the MB Quartz package. Bitchin stereo, ride command, cameras front and rear, came with 29" tires from the factory along with all the electronics.  The turning radius on it is unbelievable compared to the football field it takes to turn this can am around. And the doors seal up nicely. But the rest of the cab leaks and is noisy. Trade offs everywhere. 

I just don't understand it. 

I was fortunate enough to be in the pre release testing with the can am x3 cars years ago.

They put a lot of time into designing them. 

I think they are a quality product.  

But the defender is a completely different type of vehicle. All the problems I am having are centered around the cab and ac system.  

I am not trying to bash the brand, just think they needed quite a bit more R&D before they were released, ot atleast updates from year to year so they can address the concerns and complaints the dealers and customers are seeing in real world use. 

I know this is not a passenger car, and should not be quiet or sealed up as tight as one, but I shouldn't need a dust mask to ride in it with the windows up going down a dirt road. 

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