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Hard wired remote for winch


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I'll look around... But that has been a subject previously discussed... maybe not this exact thing but close.... 

The remote picture is tough to tell... but the plug with the wires out of it.... and the switch itself are two different wires yes? With the switch having a plug that goes into the plug that has the flap on it.... (which is the other end of wire missing those wires in the 3 prong plug) because I think that 3 prong plug will looking for a wire bundle with that same plug (reversed ofcourse)  I would start my tracing from the winch itself. 

I think the info on this may be in a question about wireless winch remotes.... but same info you are looking for...

Another reason, I HATE WIRING!!!! Well, when I didn't start it from the beginning.... lol


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Here is what i found quick search... 

Just bought a 2020 HD10 XT and dealer said there is no longer a connector for the remote. I just ordered a cheap wireless remote winch controller with two remotes off of Amazon for ~$16 and will wire it into the contractor under the hood. 

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Looks like that remote you bought is for putting the plug in yourself. 2nd pic looks like it has a wire harness for the winch directly then a plug to be able to unplug and unplug. Not sure but that’s what it looks like to me. I went through 2 of those cheap wireless units in my last side by side. Don’t think they like the water lol. Still worked good but a pain when I needed to use it and it was dead. I was going to put one on my 2019 defender but with that corded winch control I’ve never had the urge or need. They had a plug for them under the hood in 19. Since you already have the wired remote I’d wire it in and mount the plug in a handy location under the hood. You’ll have to wire to the solenoid either way you go wireless or with that corded remote you pictured. If you have the wireless ordered then I’d wire them both up. That was my plan but I don’t see the need anymore with that remote. I tell people all the time it’s the best can am accessory for the price.  Dealer would probably charge me more then 20 bucks to put air in my tires. Lol

ps that remote kit you pictured is the identical one I bought from can am with my defender only the female side was installed on my year units. 

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looking at the winch there is no place to plug that remote in. the male plug in looks like it'd be just a simple plug and play hook up under the hood but like joe mentioned earlier they must have done away with the plug in under the hood? because there is no place where that plugs in under there unless I'm completely missing where the plug in is 

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In your photo the red circle is under my dash already mounted on the 2019s I get it you don’t have this to just plug and play but with what you have it should be an easy install. you have both male and female plugs with that remote. Mine only came with the control and male plug section in your photo( blue circle) end wire not the female part (red circle) Maybe you could wire it to the rocker switch already in the cab??The wire ends that are on your remote might have to be cut off and proper electrical connection made to work. As the 2021 are different I’m not sure on the location of your winch solenoid relay but that’s where you need to find and run your wires to or at least that how I’d do it. As I said before even a wireless controller you’ll have to wire it to the solenoid relay to make things work. I’ll see if I can find some better pics online 




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You need to search "3 prong remote winch hookup? Where? Go to the 3rd page and almost the end of the thread there is a picture of exactly what I was saying earlier... one of them plugs will/should fit the smaller plug on your wires... Now the fact that two of them are pulled out might create an issue... but maybe they will coincide with the wires you will be plugging into... 

Good luck

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On 5/22/2021 at 1:07 PM, Hammes357 said:

Anybody know where the hard wired remote for the winch plugs into under the hood on a 2020 defender?



Did you ever get your answer?  I just bought this from Amazon & looking at the doc, got it fully installed in about 30 minutes.  

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