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Installing aux switch panel



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I just purchased 2021 lone star defender max and was going to install a 6 gang switch panel and was wondering if anyone has installed one of these and exactly where I would need to wire it up at. 




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Alrighty...  you have a newer rig than I do... so yer wiring under the hood is a bit different.... That being said.... Looks to me (just knowing my wiring) the front lug is going to be ground. The second lug (red crossover) is constant power... Third lug is "accessories on" power... You could check this with a cheap power tester light... 

So, depending on how you want your lights powered..... would be how to wire your controller... I have my auxiliary (lol!!! I use them most) lights "constant on" powered.... same with my stereo system... 

Hope that helps

Joe and Bear

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Or you could wire it up under the dash, to the power bar that is already there.

Saves trying to go through the "firewall", especially if none of the accessories are headed in that direction.

See that bundle of wires (white/striped) that are to the right?  I think that are already passed through the firewall, and if you look under the instrument panel, I believe you'll find the other ends there.  

And if you take up the centre of the floor board, some are down there.  best thing to do is get a test light or continuity tester, to check... if the size of the wire is the correct gauge, it might save you a lot of time!


Garmin also makes a gadget like that called the PowerSwitch.  similar to SPOD, etc, but smaller, and smarter (and less $).

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