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Mirrors and Fire Extinguisher Mounts

Bad Daddy

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I am looking at these ATV Tek mirrors,  the Elite series 1 universal that will mount to the profiled a pillar. 
Has anyone tried them?

they look well made, and mounting to the pillar  appeals to me more than mounting to a door, and they’re a bit higher, too, and can be moved up or down  

I am also looking at the Elite Fire extinguisher mounts that they have as well.  
Same question, wondering if anyone has anted up and mounted one (or two)?

That is all, no further questions!

pics because we all like pics, right?!?



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I ended up getting one of the Dragon fire mounts from FortNine.  It was a bit of $, but cheaper than getting one out of the US and dealing with all of the border hassle.  It also mounts to the profile of the roll cage, for the defender.   If the fit is good, i'll likely order a second one.

Still debating mirrors.   Between fender flares  and mirrors, I need flares more.. but either one will likely get removed by an unforgiving tree on the tight trails we always seem to find ourselves on, lol.

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