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Checking in from WI


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Hello from the Wisconsin Northwoods.

Purchased my 2021 Defender Limited in Oct of 20 Still have my Gator 590 which has been rugged and reliable. I use the machine for yard work and groomed trail riding.

So far so good.  But for 27k I should be more wowed. Not as quiet as I had hoped.  Also a big blind spot to the left caused by the windshield pillar.  The heat gets hot but doesn’t really keep a consistent temperature.  It’s either hot or cold and the only way to regulate it is to turn it off and on.  Had one warm day and used the air for about 10 min. All I can say is that it did work and got cold.

Machine is now in the shop for a recall.  I was told some to] type of programming. Have about 700 miles so I am having all the 1000 mi maintenance done. Oil change etc. Also have power steering issue that needs to be addressed. It binds and when not moving it seem like it won’t turn at all.

And they still owe me front receiver hitch that wasn’t available at the time of delivery. The service tech called and said because of the ac they can’t install the receiver.  Does anyone have a front receiver on your Limited? Did you have to move the winch? Is it oem or aftermarket?





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Well first off, let me welcome you to the forum. This sounds like a new one with the winch/reciever? Although I did get the " you can't use the dual battery isolator in mine with a heater... 2019 xt cab... but I did it.... so maybe it can still be done... just gotta think outside the box... as for 27k... I feel ya.... but I'm WELL OVER 30K NOW.... The addiction is real... and I'm still a few K from done... 😉

Have you by chance added an insulation kit to your ride? Or even added an aftermarket sound deafening insulation to help regulate the heat by keeping it in a bit better... Another thing I did was got a thin horse trailer mat and cut it to fit as a floor mat... helps with road noise as well insulates the floor a bit from the cold.

Good luck,

Joe and Bear

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My 2019 Defender Cab XT HD10 (no AC) came with the winch mounted in the lower position and I added the higher winch mount receiver for moving trailers, dropping seadoos into the lake etc. If the upper mount doesn't fit you should be able to use the lower mount location.

You can see the pics and install in the builds section along with the part number under Defender XT Cab high hitch. Check this out to see if the hitch mount will interfere with your AC condenser? Good luck and enjoy the ride.🙂

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Thank you for the welcome and responses.

As I understand the heat, it should at least try maintaining a constant temperature.  No matter what I set the temp at, the air will get very hot then gets extremely cool. It seems to take a long time to fluctuate.  The fan speed remains constant.  I guess I can live with this but for what we pay we shouldn’t have to.

At the dealer now and the tech said he drove it around the lot and the PS worked fine.  Well yeh, as long as you’re moving it works.   But when you’re standing it binds excessively and it should spin free.

I have to do more research on the hitch. It is the high receiver that is obstructed by the ac condenser.

Thanks again.

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Well, as for the steering. I try not to turn the wheel while not under power. Not sure it's good on the DPS unit. I've had my DPS unit go off center and needed recalibrate it... Ended up buying my own BUDS unit to deal with it as well as other issues a buds unit is required for. Some feel that may be overboard, but with the cost and time of dealer service.... The buds was not that bad... Hope everything works out.

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