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Which Lighting for Defender Limited?

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Here is the Defender I am asking about.  Lights would be mounted on the stock from bumper.  Which lights would you choose?

1.  Two of the Baja Designs LP4s.  8750 Lumens each 290003_t.jpg

2.  Baja Designs OnX6.  12,640 Lumens 451003_n.jpg

I have the larger version of the LP4, called the LP6 on my Jeep, and they are amazing lights.  But they are too big to fit the front bumper of my Defender.  I am an old school type person that prefers the look of round lights over a light bar.  Every Tom, Dick, and Harry in the world has a light bar on their machine these days, so as far as aesthetics goes, I prefer the LP4s.  But the light bar is half the price.  Which would you choose, or what other lights would you recommend?


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I have the same light on my truck. 
20” single row. 
I have driven my truck on the Coquihalla Highway ( Highway through Hell tv series), using the Rigid light bar only.  70+ mph and you cannot overdrive the light.  
It’s more that adequate for the Defender. 
You need to balance light output as well as any other accessories, and what the alternator puts out 

In my case 4 heated seats, heated wheel, lights,  heater, etc  and in the winter -5 to -30°C we use it a lot!

Rigid 360 round lights were just coming on the market but this one was available quicker, and used less energy   

I’ll probably take the light bar off my truck and add it later, but only because I would like all of my LED lights on my truck to be SAE approved  



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Thanks for the replies.  I got to looking into the Baja Designs lights in more detail, and as of 2/17/21 they had to change suppliers on their LEDs, because of covid related supply problems.   The new LEDs will change from their usual 5000K to a cooler 4200K.  The new LEDs will give the light a less white color that is more yellow in appearance.  I'm not sure I like the different color.  I have not heard that Rigid has had to change their LED supplier, or downgrade to a cooler and more yellow light.  So I went with Rigid, and ordered an E-Series Pro 10" dual row 24 LED Spot/Driving Combo light bar that puts out 19,008 Lumens.  It draws 174 watts, so hopefully the Defender will handle that.  I just got an email saying my order shipped today.


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I finished the project, and I like the way it turned out.  This little 10" light bar throws down some serious lighting.  I drove around the block to check it out, and when I was almost home I turned off the light bar, and for a second there I thought I didn't even have the regular headlights on.  They were actually on high beam, but they were so much dimmer that it takes a second or so to realize you still have lights on after switching off the light bar.

Defender Limited light bar.jpeg

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Where did you run your wire through the firewall at if you dont mind me asking. I have a 12 rigid with a twist fitting connection and cant seem to find a good spot to sneak it through

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