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Evo Powersports Clutch Weights


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I have a 18 Defender XT HD10 and just put new wheels and 30” tires on. Have been looking at clutch kits or just weights. Was curious if anyone has ran the Evo adjustable weights and if they’re worth the $310 for weights alone? Thanks in advance

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I run 30's on my 19 Max Cab HD10 and just swapped the springs in the primary and secondary sheave with ones from EPI (CAPS2 and QRS2) for a grand total of $55. Great response from the throttle.

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10 hours ago, Andystoy19 said:

I have no experience with the Evo weights but I did run the EPI kit and it is in the garage/builds section Sept 2020.🙂

That’s a lot of great info in that other thread! Still like the EPI kit? From what I understand both kits are totally different in how they change the characteristics of cvt. So I’m just trying to figure out what would be best for what I feel I want out of it. Do a good amount of trail riding here in WI, but still use it for hunting/around the yard. 

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