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30” carnivores rubbing on HD8 with a 2” lift


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   I have an HD8 defender.  My buddy has an HD10 with 30”radials.  He convinced me it was no big deal to get some.

   I put the 2” lift block that he linked for me and bought 30” carnivores.  I got 2 other stock front wheels from the dealer so they would all 4 be the same.

   So, I have 30” carnivores on 4 front stock wheels and a 2” lift, but the grip rubs the front left floorboard on a turn pegged to the left.  It’s fine on turning all the way right.  Every post I read said this wouldn’t be an issue.  Any ideas?

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On my 2019 Defender XT Cab HD10, I also cranked all four springs to maximum that will raise your vehicle an additional inch or more and that should clear with no more rubbing. Raise the machine before you crank on the spring adjusters its much easier to turn the cam with the wrench.

I run 30 x10 x14 in front and 30 x 11 x14 Cryptids (29" tall) in the rear and they don't rub even on a spring compression while turning. You can check the online parts catalogue to see if the HD8 has different springs than the HD10?

You can also gently heat and bend the floor board a bit but I would rather not go there at this time??

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