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Start up issues

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2020 lonestar defender is sometimes having start problems.  Turn the key and everything powers but doesn't turn over.  Shifter seems fine and in park and battery connections are tight.  Have to try numerous times before it will turn over.  Possible battery problem?  Has anyone experienced this?

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Step on the brake or rock the machine to make sure its in Park.


The lever can be in park but the transmission might not be, may need to rock it slightly to get it into park. 


Otherwise, just always apply the brake before starting. It will start in any gear as long as the brake is pressed.

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Probably not in park "as above" so an easy check is just step on the brake if that works every time you know that the problem is the park function switch or a starter solenoid. If when you get the engine to crank and it sounds normal its definitely not the battery.😉

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