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715007338 track module not working


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Once it’s plugged in you start the engine, and then press the mode button to confirm you’re running tracks.  Have to do it every time you start the machine.

either a snowflake icon or track icon will show on the screen. 

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Glad to hear it is all good.

Just remember to disconnect it in the spring when you take the tracks off...

Can you send me a pic, of the anti rotation ( spring assembly ) on the inside of your tracks?

I think mine are now correct.  I had to download another instruction sheet that is purely for adjusting the tracks... 

So for the first 100km or so, mine were not behaving, and i didn't have the track module...

They are pretty amazing.. we have another foot of fresh snow, that I am going to try them out on, and see if we can get stuck.   So far we have been really impressed, and I my neighbour could not believe where we were going with it.

I am currently looking at a turbo kit, because the engine seems to max out at 5500 rpm, at 3600 ft in altitude.   and 5500 is torque peak.  Redline is 7K. I seem to be driving it with my boot to the floor, unless we are in low range... 

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