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2021 Defender Limited HD10 Tracks and Diff-Lock


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Greetings... Purchased my Defender and for 2 weeks been installing accessories to include LT360 tracks.  Much better than my Ranger was.  

Question, do you run tracks with Diff-Lock on all the time?  Thank you.  Ride Safe

Michigan Upper Peninsula riding in the snow and lakes is terrific!

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Thanks Bad Daddy!  I run mine of-course in 4WD, I did notice it does not ty to "plow" thru tight corners in the woods when the Diff-Lock is off.  Just not certain if its hard on the machine to run without Diff-Lock.  I'll take your lead and run it all the time.  I have so much stuff I've dded I'll take pics for the rest of the guys and get uploaded.  

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On deep snow, for sure, locked. 

On groomed trails, you could probably go unlocked...I’ll try it and let you know!

We have added a few things too.  
Hence the name, DeFunder. 

I have tried it locked and unlocked. 
In low range, when doing steep trail work, locked. 
Deep powder locked. 
On hard pack unlocked. 

I think the manual said locked.  Or maybe I saw it on YouTube , lol



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From my inexperienced viewpoint, yes, running in high is ok.  I've been testing the system with Diff-Lock one and off this last week and week-en and it certainly responds better in turns with Diff off.  So if I'm in the woods with sharp turns, 3' of snow, I stop and turn Diff Off and it performs great.  On open lakes with 12" or less of snow I run high with Diff off.  On bare ice -- scary -- I run high with Diff on, but go slow as this machine can get sideways quickly.  

I'm going to add a few studs for better control on hard glazy snow and bare ice.

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  • 2 weeks later...

We will be testing again this weekend. Over 15” of fresh!

 -31C (-21F) right now, sure glad I put in heated seats, half doors and a windshield. 

sure wish I put in a heater, full doors and fender flares!  Oh well, at the time it seemed like a lot of $.  

I need to figure out a way to make the half doors into full doors so no snow gets in... back seat is a bit snowy when it’s dry out!





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